April 20, 2019 our trail system is officially closed for the season thank you everyone for a great season we will do it all over again next winter



5 (South) from the
clubhouse to groveton Village 5 south  

Trail closed
West Side (5-Alt North) Corridor Trail 28 
Trail closed
Primary Trail 117 to
Corridor Trail 19 and
Primary Trail 109

Trail closed
Corridor 7 (North) to
Stratford Bog, Arm of
Sugarloaf, Albert’s
Trail and Andritz Lane

Trail closed
GTB Clubhouse to WestSide Alt 5 (North) 5 North and East Branch Loop (Picnic Loop)
Trail closed

This report’s rating system:

  • Great – Trail has a really good base, groomed flat with solid snow that should hold up to traffic.
  • Very Good  – Trail is flat with a good base, but there may be bare spots or ice here and there.
  • Good – Trail has decent riding, but may have bare spots, ice or rough sections here and there.
  • Fair – Trail is passable but may have partially filled waterbars, bare spots, ice or rough sections.
  • Marginal – Trail is passable but may have thin snow, open waterbars, bare spots or trees down.
  • Ungroomed – Could be any condition from Great to Marginal. The trail is not groomed but is open to traffic.
  • Spring Conditions – Could be any condition from Great to Marginal, but due to temps above freezing, the trail may not be able to be groomed and snow will be mushy.
  • Closed – You should not be on that trail at all.

Trail Map

Click this link for a copy of our trail map or pick up a free copy at any of our sponsors or at the clubhouse. Don’t forget to patronize our sponsors!

Web Camera

View live web camera by clicking this link.

911 Emergency Information

911 Trail Mapping Has Come To Northern Coos County

The State of NH 911 crew has mapped the snowmobile trails north of Rte 110. (The Groveton, Errol, Colebrook, Swift Diamond and Pittsburg Clubs so far, more clubs to come on line early in this 07/08 season) Within the coming weeks you should take note at all trail junctions the address number and trail name will be on a 911 sign.  On our 08/09 season trail maps we will include these 911 references. 

If you are in need of Emergency Assistance on the trail, try to get the nearest  “911 junction number and name” to expedite the emergency response teams arrival time.